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Public Prep


At Girls Prep, we strive to nurture the whole scholar - mind and body. We offer a rigorous, well-balanced curriculum taught by content-certified specialists, and scholars also participate in "specials" that expand their creativity and promote a healthy lifestyle. These programs help students develop skills such as self-expression, perseverance, and improving based on feedback early on in life that will help carry them through college and ultimately lead fulfilling lives.


All students receive music class at Girls Prep. Students learn to sing in healthy voices, and learn to play instruments such as hand percussion (K-1), xylophones (2nd grade), drums (3rd grade), recorder (3-4th grade), piano (4-5th grade), and guitar (5th grade).  Students will also learn how to read and write music notation.


Music Programs at GP Bronx Elementary
  • Carnegie Hall Musical Explorers: Second grade students participate in the Carnegie Hall Musical Explorers program, where they explore the world of music in NYC and attend two concerts at Carnegie Hall.
  • Carnegie Hall Link Up Program: Fourth grade students are spending the year exploring the orchestra and how the orchestra swings. They are learning several pieces of music on the recorder and will attend a concert at Carnegie Hall, where students will get to play with the orchestra. 
  • Little Kids Rock: Fifth grade students are participating in the Little Kids Rock program through Berklee School of Music. They are learning how to play popular music of the last 50 years, as they explore more modern music notation and band instruments. 
  • Choir: Students in grades 3-5 are able to participate in the Girls Prep choir program. 

Yoga and Mindfulness

Girls Prep Elementary students receive yoga and mindfulness instruction once a week. Yoga is a way for students to connect their bodies, emotions, and mind. Mindfulness is paying attention to life, with kindness and curiosity, so that the best choices can be made for school and life success.


Skill Building
  • Self Awareness: Recognizing one’s emotions, body sensations, and thoughts.
  • Self-Regulation: Managing one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in different situations.
  • Social Awareness: the ability to take the perspective of others and to take support when needed.
  • Pro-Social Traits: Traits like compassion, patience, and gratitude are emphasized so that our girls learn to develop positive traits that science has shown contribute to the well being of the entire community. 
Little Flower Yoga and Mindfulness for Children:

The methodology and experience used to build the skills.

  • Connect: We do activities that connect us to ourselves, each other and the world.
  • Breathe: We do breathing exercises that help us manage our emotions and manage our energy level.
  • Move: We learn to be mindful in standing and moving postures that help us build flexibility and strength, while also building a sense of personal power.
  • Focus: We learn the ability to pay attention to what we want to focus on, using an attitude of kindness and curiosity.
  • Relax: Activities that help us rest our mind and body and restore.

Family Yoga Night

Family Yoga night is a time you can connect with your daughter and learn the strategies she practices at school so that you can help her bring them into her life. All levels are welcome! Scheduled nights include: 10/20/16, 11/21/16, 1/9/17, 2/9/17, 3/6/17, 4/4/17, 5/8/17. Check the Blossom newsletter for more info!

Aliza and the Mind Jar

Learn more about the Yoga and Mindfulness Program at Girls Prep by watching the video below:


Visual Arts

The visual arts program is rooted in teaching strong technical skills while prioritizing student driven vision and creative expression. Projects are centered on one medium at a time, including painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and printmaking. During the artmaking process, students are encouraged to build awareness and self-reflection to better understand their own unique creative process.

  • K and 1st Grade: Our Kindergarten and 1st grade projects focus on student generated imagery, often focused on our self, family and the natural world around us.
  • 2nd Grade: Second grade projects begin to expand exploring our world, including a focus on our neighborhood and New York City.  Students begin to build strong skills in observation drawing, using perspective and color to create depth and expression.
  • 3rd Grade: In 3rd grade we “travel the world” to explore art from a variety of cultures.  We use art to discover how both traditional art and contemporary art are important and unique to each culture. These projects provide the opportunity to explore a large variety of artmaking techniques.
  • 4th Grade: In 4th grade we return to observational work that utilizes and builds upon our strong technical skills. Students are encouraged to think deeply about creative expression through their artistic choices.
  • 5th Grade: In 5th grade we utilize our imaginations with an emphasis on conveying meaning through artistic choices. Students must use technical skills, problem solving and critical thinking to employ the elements of design to express visual meaning.


Physical Education and Health

The Physical Education curriculum is movement based; we aim to keep students active and moving for the majority of the class. Our goal is to instill in our girls skills for a lifetime of physical activity.


We follow the NYS standards for PE:
  • Standard 1 - Personal Health and Fitness: Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity, and maintain personal health.
  • Standard 2 - A Safe and Healthy Environment: Students will acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.
  • Standard 3 - Resource Management: Students will understand and be able to manage their personal and community resources. Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity, and maintain personal health.
Our PE Curriculum Includes:
  • Movement exploration
  • Fitness
  • Dance/Step
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Throwing and Catching
  • Striking with Paddles

  • Sisterhood
  • Scholarship
  • Responsibility
  • Merit

Public Prep Network, Inc.

  • 441 East 148th Street
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  • Upper Campus (3-4)
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  • 1695 Seward Avenue, Room 219
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  • Lower Campus (K-2)
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  • T: 718-328-5684
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